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Hospice Services

Care is provided for you, your family and friends when…

  • Someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • The patient resides in their private residence, a nursing home, assisted living and/or residential care facility in Sonoma County or northern/western Marin County
  • The patient or a designated responsible person consents to Hospice services
  • The patient’s physician consents to Hospice services

Memorial Hospice and Hospice of Petaluma provide…

  • Comfort care when cure is no longer possible
  • Assistance with the practical responsibilities of day to day living
  • Support for coping with feelings that arise
  • Grief support following the loss of a loved one

Complete support for you, the patient

  • Medical and nursing services
  • Expert pain and symptom management
  • Home visits by an interdisciplinary team: nurse, medical director, home health aide, social worker, volunteers, chaplain
  • 24 hour on-call support
  • Prescription drugs, over the counter medications, necessary medical equipment and supplies

There is no charge to the patient for services. Insurance is billed as appropriate. Non-reimbursed costs are supported by donations.

Don’t Hesitate to Call

Deciding to contact a hospice service is never easy. But Judy Ryder, director of Memorial Hospice and Hospice of Petaluma, hears over and over again from families who say, "I wish I had called sooner" to access hospice care and support.

"Just call us to ask questions and see how we can be of support," she says. "A call doesn’t mean you have to commit."

For more information on our services, call: Memorial Hospice in Santa Rosa at
(707) 568-1094 or Hospice of Petaluma at (707) 778-6242.

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