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Community Benefit Programs and Clinics

Agents of Change Training in our Neighborhoods (ACTION)

ACTION provides bi-lingual leadership and advocacy training to community leaders in vulnerable neighborhoods in Sonoma County, as well as to members of community groups, local organizations, and associations. (707) 525-5300 Ext: 3216

Circle of Sisters (COS)

Circle of Sisters is a positive youth development after- school program for girls ages 9 to 14. The program focuses on teaching girls to make healthy life choices by developing life and social skills in a safe, age appropriate environment. This program is provided at no cost to participating families. (707) 525-5311

Healthy For Life

Healthy for Life is a comprehensive school-based program designed to support healthy weight for children at no cost to families. The mission of the program is to improve health through physical fitness and nutrition activities for children. (707) 525-5300 Ext 4053

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home enables frail elders to reside safely in their homes by providing them with personal care services. This program is available to frail seniors who lack access to care givers due to lack of financial resources or lack of family support. Please call to find out if you or someone you know is eligible. (707) 547-4684

House Calls

House Calls tends to the physical and emotional needs of frail elderly seniors with chronic diseases by providing primary medical care at home. Eligible seniors who have limited access to care due to impaired mobility, under-insurance, and lack of funds. Please call to find out if you or someone you know is eligible for House Calls. (707) 547-4684

Mighty Mouth Dental Health Education

Mighty Mouth Dental Health Education is a school-based childrens' dental program to help prevent dental disease and promote dental health by teaching children to brush, floss, and eat nutritious snacks. Includes school based dental screening, fluoride varnish, and coordination with mobile dental services if necessary. (707) 522-1961

Neighborhood Care Staff (NCS)

Neighborhood Care Staff mentors grassroots leadership to address local community health and quality of life issues. NCS organizes communities around issues that matter to them, and empowers community members to lead from where they are. (707) 522-1571

Promotores de Salud (Health Promoters)

Promotores de Salud are a trusted community resource with specialized knowledge and experience, who bridges language and culture to provide health education, referrals, and access to services for individuals, families, and communities. Call (707) 547-4602 for more information

St. Joseph Dental Clinic and Mobile Dental Clinic

The mobile dental and fixed site clinics work to address a pressing need in our community: access to dental care. The clinics serve children ages 0-16, with a targeted effort on children 0-5, special needs' patients, and prevention and education for pregnant women with our Mommy and Me program. We provide basic, preventive, emergency and comprehensive dental care with a strong focus on prevention and education. Emergency care is available to all on a first-come first-served basis. The Dental Clinic accepts the following insurance/payment plans: Denti-Cal Healthy Families Sliding Scale other government sponsored dental programs. Call (707) 547-2221 for hours of operation, location, and to schedule an appointment.

St. Joseph Mobile Health Clinic

The Clinic offers: Treatment of minor medical conditions Limited chronic disease management Health screenings Physicals and well exams Immunizations Health and Nutrition Education referrals Information and referrals to community resources. The Mobile Health Clinic serves those who don't have access to health insurance coverage. Our mission is to provide urgent and episodic care for the most vulnerable in our community, with the goal of treating patients and then referring them to a primary care medical home. Call (707) 547-4612 for locations and hours.

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