Medical Staff Leaders 2017-2018


Medical Staff Officers

Chief of Staff

Margaret McEvoy, MD*

Chief of Staff-elect

Ed West, MD*


Rasha Germain, MD*

Past Chief of Staff

Jeannette Currie, MD*

Service Line Chairs


Jan Sonander, MD*


Robert James, MD*

Women & Children

Alan Shotkin, MD*

Dept Chairs / Vice-Chairs

Anesthesia Department

Shea D. Aiken, MD*

Vice Chair

Daren E. Brandt

Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery Department

Sanjay Dhar, MD*

Vice Chair

Tomas Vasiliauskas, MD

Emergency Medicine Department

Omar Ferrari, DO

Vice Chair

Ridgely Muller, MD

Family Medicine Department

Jan Sonander, MD*

Vice Chair

Jeannette Currie, MD*

Medicine Department

Gina Chen, MD*

Vice Chair

Gregory Houghton, M.D.

OB/GYN Department

Susan Logan, MD*

Vice Chair

Greg Sacher, MD

Orthopedics Surgery Department

Nathan Ehmer MD*

Vice Chair

Alexander Iezza, MD

Pathology Department

Paul Wasserstein, MD*

Pediatrics Department

Raymond Lejano, MD*

Vice Chair

David Smith, MD

Radiology Department

Robert Feiwell, MD*

Vice Chair


Surgery Department

Robert James, MD*

Vice Chair

James Harwood, MD


Member at Large

Elisa Washburn, MD *

Trauma Medical Director

Brian Schmidt, MD*

Critical Care Medical Director

Gregory Houghton, MD*

Surgery Co-Medical Directors

Robert James, MD*

Shea Aiken, MD*

Hospitalist Medical Director

Mark Shapiro, MD*

Section Chiefs

Medicine Department

Gastroenterology Section

Joshua Beirne, MD

Nephrology Section

Eric Cheung, MD

Critical Care Section

Eugene Belogorsky, MD

Surgery Department

Dental Section

Leonard Tyko, MD, DDS

General Surgery Section

(includes general, vascular, and plastic)


Neurosurgery Section

Rasha Germain, MD

Ophthalmology Section

Denise Kayser, MD

Otorhinolaryngology Section

Mark Homicz, MD

Podiatry Section

Walter D’Costa, DPM

Urology Section

James Palleschi, MD

Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery Dept

Sanjay Dhar, MD

Cardiothoracic Surgery Section

Ramzi Deeik, MD

Committee Name

Committee Chair

Bylaws Committee

Richard Wilber, MD

CME Committee

David Lightfoot, MD

Cancer Committee

Sara Keck, MD

Credentials Committee

Jeannette Currie, MD*

Endovascular Committee

Douglas Jicha, MD

Ethics Committee

J. Michael Gospe, MD

Infection Prevention Committee

Frederick Drach, MD

Interdisciplinary Practice Committee

Lela Emad, MD

Medical Executive Committee

Margaret McEvoy, MD*

Medical Radiation Safety Committee

Gary Shaw, MD

Medical Records Committee

Pushwaz Virk, MD

New Technology Committee

Paul McAdams, MD*

Performance Monitoring Committee

Edward West, MD*

Quality Review Committee

Margaret McEvoy, MD

Trauma Multidisciplinary Committee

Brian Schmidt, MD

Utilization Review Committee

Alvin Gore, MD

Well Being Committee

Matthew Zwerling, MD

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