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    Primary Specialties
    • Hematology
    • Oncology - Medical
      (Board Certified)
    • Hematology-Oncology
    Education & Training
    • Medical School
      Doctor of Medicine- Broad Street, Philadelphia, Temple University School of Medicine - 2005
    • College
      Bachelor of Arts- Providence, Rhode Island, Providence College - 1970
    • Training
      NIH Office of Human Subjects Research Course on the Protection of Human Research Subjects - 2000
    • Fellowship
      Hematology Fellowship- Worcester, Massachusetts, University of Massachusetts Medical Center - 1979
    • Fellowship
      Oncology Fellowship- Boston, Massachusetts, Tuft's New England Medical Center - 1977
    • Residency
      Residency (Medicine)- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Temple University Hospital - 1975
    • Internship
      Internship (Medicine), Temple University Hospital - 1974
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    Dr. Marsland has over 30 years of experience in treating patients with hematologic and oncologic issues. He believes the doctor-patient relationship is a team with both parties involved in determining the best plan of care. He actively supports the St. Joseph Clinical Research Program. Dr. Marsland recently moved from Florida to Northern California (April 2017) with his wife to be near his family of three daughters and his new grandson. His hobbies include fine dining and good wine. The Sonoma/Napa County area are a great fit.


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    • Over twenty-six years clinical research experience, including industry and network trials.


    ASCO Self Evaluation Program

    • 2007 Lung Cancer Chapter
    • 2009 Presentation & Screening Chapter
    • 2011 Presentation & Screening Chapter
    • 2014 Preventions and Screening Chapter


    Veridex: Role of Circulation Tumor Cells

    • 2008 Houston, TX
    • 2009 Huntsville, AL
    • 2009 Huntsville, IN

    Cost of Healthcare with ION

    • 2008 Phoenix, AZ
    • 2009 Houston, TX

    Healthcare Economics (Con/era Group)

    • 2007 Charlotte, NC
    • 2008 Charlotte, NC
    • 2009 Princeton, NJ

    2012 Stress of Community Oncology Practices

    2012 Value Based Cancer Care Conferences

    2013 Value Based Cancer Care Conferences

    • St. George Award for volunteerism, American Cancer Society - 2007
    • American Medical Association Continuing Education Award - 1978
    • Fellow of the American Cancer Society - 1978
    • Fellow of the American Cancer Clinical Oncology - 2012
    • American Board of Internal Medicine, Medicine, 1977
    • American Board of Internal Medicine, Medicine 1979
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