Infant Nutrition

Lactation Services

The Infant Nutrition/Lactation Services program provides inpatient support and education, as well as telephone support and outpatient breastfeeding consultations. Breast pumps and equipment are available for rental and purchase. These services are available to new moms at Santa Rosa Memorial and Petaluma Valley Hospitals. Outpatient services are available to all new mothers, regardless of delivery location.

For more information call:

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
(707) 525-5212

Petaluma Valley Hospital
(707) 778-2827

Petaluma Valley Hospital Designated Baby-Friendly

Petaluma Valley Hospital has received international recognition as a Baby-Friendly designated birth facility by Baby-Friendly USA. Petaluma Valley Hospital (PVH) is the only hospital in Sonoma County to receive this honorable designation. Click here to learn more about what it means to be Baby-Friendly.

Tops in Lactation Support

Petaluma Valley Hospital consistently ranks among the most successful in California for rates of in-hospital breastfeeding. More than 90% of mothers who deliver at Petaluma Valley succeed in breastfeeding during their hospital stay. That translates to even healthier, happier babies and moms!

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