Your Personal Guide: The Patient Navigator

Stacy Powell, the Patient Navigator for the Center for Bone & Joint Health at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, serves as a personal guide to patients who are undergoing joint replacement surgery. As an orthopedic nurse, she can provide you with a wealth of helpful information designed to make the entire process as simple and comfortable as possible. Whether you have questions about pain management, medication, physical therapy, or community resources, the navigator is here to help you prepare for surgery, recovery, and beyond.

Total Joint Replacement Class:

"I was amazed by how accurate and helpful the class was," says Tim Neil, hip replacement patient. "I knew exactly what to expect both before and after surgery. They have it down to a science."

The Total Joint Replacement Class is a free, two-hour session that is designed to educate patients about the joint replacement process. Led by our Patient Navigator, the class provides detailed information about knee and hip replacement surgery so you can feel comfortable and informed before, during, and after your procedure.

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