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The birth of a baby is a miraculous and happy occasion, involving loved ones in the joyous celebration of a new life, and bringing family and friends closer together. We understand how important it is for the mother-to-be to plan for the birth of her child. You want everything to be perfect, from the home-like comfort of the birthing suite to the outstanding attention you'll receive from an expert team of skilled and supportive healthcare professionals.

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At Santa Rosa Memorial and Petaluma Valley hospitals, we are committed to the highest standards of excellence in the delivery of comprehensive healthcare to moms, babies and their families. We express our commitment by embracing our values of Compassion, Dignity, Justice, Excellence and Integrity.

Each birth experience is unique, just like the child who is entering the world. The staff in our Family Birth Centers treats every new mother, her baby and family with individualized care, because every new birth is special. We provide excellent medical care, while surrounding patients with a comfortable environment, plenty of smiles, friendly assistance and advice, and educational resources to get every baby off to a healthy start. Your OB will help ensure you have the resources and support you need through the labor and delivery of your child.

Holistic Childbirth

  • Our Family Birth Centers are a holistic space for your baby’s safe and happy entrance into the world. We listen to you, respect your preferences and address your concerns. Our programs are designed to support your unique and personal birth plan.

Alternative Pain Management

  • We offer virtual reality goggles as an alternative way to manage pain or anxiety at your prenatal appointments, and during the birth of your child.

Highest VBAC Success Rate

  • If you want a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean (VBAC), we have the highest VBAC success rate in the region and are one of the few hospitals in the area that offer this service. We help you understand the benefits and risks of a VBAC so you can make an informed choice about your delivery options.

UCSF Intensive Care Nursery

  • Most babies enter the world without needing special services after delivery, but if they do, the UCSF Intensive Care Nursery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital is ready around-the-clock to care for our tiniest and most vulnerable patients.

A high-risk OB service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to lend expertise when needed.

UCSF Intensive Care Nursery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

Facility Tours

We offer tours of our facilities. For information about scheduling a tour call:

  • Petaluma Valley Hospital - (707) 778-1111
  • Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital - (707) 522-1544

We offer a variety of classes in anticipation of the birth of your baby including childbirth preparation, infant CPR, newborn care and breast feeding support. Visit our Events calendar for upcoming classes at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital or call (707) 522-1544 for more information.

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