High-risk Obstetrics

Choosing to deliver at Santa Rosa Memorial or Petaluma Valley Hospital means you have access to the UCSF Intensive Care Nursery, where premature or high-risk babies born in our region get the finest care available. If the need arises, the UCSF Intensive Care Nursery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital offers the most technologically advanced medical resources that can be found in our community.

In our Intensive Care Nursery, babies are closely monitored by highly trained neonatologists, pediatricians and nurses around the clock, so that your baby goes home healthy and happy. In addition, our babies enjoy the advantages of a consistent, highly-trained care team, from birth to discharge. A leading edge technology called "telemedicine" enables our physicians and parents at Memorial to consult with renowned pediatric cardiologists at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF). Through interactive video communication in real time, we perform specialized tests which would otherwise require a trip to the city.

Keeping Families in Touch

The UCSF Intensive Care Nursery also offers video conferencing technology for families, so loved ones from across town -- or across the world -- can connect with the newest addition to the family. To read more about this great service, click here.

Common Obstetrics Questions

Why does having an Intensive Care Nursery available matter?

Statistics show that your baby will most likely be delivered in a normal manner and will be healthy and happy at birth. But when an infant arrives early or has serious health problems, you can be confident the UCSF Intensive Care Nursery at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital will meet your newborn's special needs. Thanks to Memorial's partnership with the Intensive Care Nursery at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), you can be assured that your baby will receive the finest care available right in our own community.

Why does Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital partner with UCSF?

Countless medical advances were developed at UCSF and neonatal intensive care originated there in the 1960s. UCSF's groundbreaking innovations in infant care have made it one of the finest Intensive Care Nursery sites in the world. For many years, UCSF has had a formal relationship with Memorial for the transfer of high-risk mothers and newborns to their San Francisco nursery. Under this arrangement, the two institutions collaborate to provide the most modern intensive care treatments available for premature and ill newborns in Sonoma County. UCSF provides Memorial with superior neonatologists and an ICN Manager. In essence, our ICN functions as an extension of the outstanding infant care program at UCSF.

How else will my baby benefit from Memorial's partnership with UCSF?

Most babies of at least 28 weeks gestation born at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with health problems no longer need to be transferred to San Francisco. This eliminates the stress of the 90-minute-plus trip for a fragile newborn and supports the family unit, making the entire experience far less traumatic for everyone. In addition, the baby receives the most consistent care possible from birth to discharge. In this important way, the care reflects the family-centered tradition for which Memorial is recognized.

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