The Bone & Joint Health Network

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital's Bone & Joint Health Network is a team of orthopedic specialists who provide quality care and support to patients of all ages. This specialized network of doctors, physical therapists, and wellness advocates provides a multitude of health services that can help you address your orthopedic concerns.

Whether you are exploring non-surgical therapies, joint replacement or spine surgery, or simply want nutritional guidance, our network is here to assist you.

The Bone & Joint Health Navigator

The Bone & Joint Health Navigator is your personal advisor that can guide you and provide resources for optimizing your health prior to orthopedic surgery or assist with finding potential alternatives to surgery.

What can the Navigator do for you?

  • Provide you with resources, information, and a customized plan that will help you meet your orthopedic health needs and goals.
  • Assist you with appointments, transportation, and paperwork related to your medical care.
  • Coach you on how to improve your health lifestyle.
  • Locate alternative therapy resources that may help you manage chronic pain.

Health navigation services are provided at no cost to you.

To schedule a consultation with an Orthopedic Health Navigator, please call (707) 523-BONE (2663).

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