During Your Stay

Nursing Care

We are proud of our highly committed, competent and caring nursing staff. In order to provide compassionate, high-quality and technically advanced care, many of our nurses have obtained specialized training in their clinical areas. Please feel free to ask your nurse any question you may have concerning your care while you are here.

For more information please see Clinical Quality.

Spiritual Care

Our Spiritual Care Department is an integral part of the healthcare team, offering a holistic ministry for the spiritual, emotional and ethical concerns of our patients and their families. Our chaplains include Catholic priests and sisters, ministers of Protestant denominations and laypersons. Chaplains are available to support you during your time of illness or crisis, to counsel and pray with you and your family and to administer sacraments. Our chaplains would be happy to contact your personal minister, rabbi, or spiritual counselor upon request.

For more information please see Spiritual Care.

Chapel at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital

Patients and visitors of any religious persuasion are welcome and invited to use our beautiful chapel, located just off the main lobby. The chapel is always open. Masses are scheduled Monday through Saturday at noon, and Sunday at 4:00 pm (subject to change). All masses can be seen from patient rooms on TV channel 20.

Meal Service

Each morning you will receive breakfast between 7:30 and 8:45 am. Lunch is served between 12:00 and 1:00 pm, and dinner between 5:30 and 6:45 pm. A menu will be sent on your breakfast tray so that you can select your meal preferences for the next day. Please fill the menu out completely, including your name and room number. If you need assistance, a volunteer or staff member will be happy to help you fill it out.

If the selections offered do not meet your needs, please ask the dietitian, nutrition services staff, or any patient care staff for a cafeteria menu, or a supplemental menu to expand your choices. We can usually honor special requests if the items meet your therapeutic diet restrictions as ordered by your physician.

Please ask your caregiver or nutrition services staff where to leave your completed menu so that it is certain to be picked up.

For dining information for those that might be visiting you please see Visitor Information.

Preventing Infections in the Hospital

Infection can occur after many types of medical procedures, particularly if you are having surgery. It is important that you, your family and all visitors learn how to help prevent infections from developing in the hospital.

Please review the complete list of guidelines on Preventing Infection.

Other Concerns

Your satisfaction and comfort is of the utmost importance to us. We are committed to responding to any concerns regarding care, treatment or services in a timely manner. Should concerns about your hospitalization arise, you or members of your family are encouraged to contact the nurse or manager in your area, or the patient representative. She/he can help resolve issues and maintain the highest quality of service. Your nurse can help you contact these individuals. If you have unresolved issues or complaints about your care, you may contact any of the following:

  • Hospital Patient Representative at SRMH
    1165 Montgomery Drive
    Santa Rosa, CA 95405
    Phone: 547-4647
  • For Petaluma Valley Hospital
    Department of Health Services — Licensing & Certification Division

    50 Old Courthouse Square, Suite 200
    Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    Phone: (800) 554-0349
  • For SRMH
    Department of Health Services – Licensing & Certification Division

    850 Marina Bay Parkway
    Building P; 1st Floor
    Richmond, CA 94804-6403
  • Office for Civil Rights
    US Dept. of Health & Human Services, Region IX

    50 United Nations Plaza, RM 322
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Phone: (800) 633-2322; (415) 437-8311 (TDD)
    Email: orc@ospatd10.ssw.dhhs.gov

Ethics Forum

St. Joseph Health – Sonoma County has an Ethics Forum which includes members from various disciplines, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and chaplains, that meets regularly to discuss ethical issues. You or your representative have a right to participate in considering ethical decisions that may arise during your stay. You can request a patient care conference to include a consultation with the Ethics Forum if necessary. Please ask your nurse, one of our social workers or a spiritual care representative to help you.

Social Services

A licensed clinical social worker is on duty at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Saturday, and at Petaluma Valley Hospital from 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. The social worker is available for assistance with conservatorship issues, adoptions, elder or child abuse concerns, grief counseling and special program referrals such as drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Telephone Calls

To make a local telephone call, dial "9" plus the telephone number. To make a long-distance call, you must have a telephone calling card, a pre-paid phone card, or you can call collect. The phone system does not allow calls to be charged to your hospital bill. To place a long-distance call, dial "90" plus the area code, plus the telephone number. Enter your billing information after the tone or wait for an outside operator to take your billing information.

Family and friends may dial directly into your room by dialing 525-5300 plus your bed number, plus your room number. If your line is busy, their call will automatically be placed on hold until you complete your current call. Cards are available with direct dial instructions; just ask your nurse.


For room N350-1 — dial 525-5300+1+350

TDD Devices and Clarity Control Telephones

TDD devices are available upon request for our hearing-impaired patients. Please ask your nurse.

Interpreter Services

If you desire interpreter services, please advise your nurse. In-person interpreters who speak Spanish are available daily. In-person interpreters are also available for sign language. For all other languages, we can provide interpreter services over the telephone. For the provision of your healthcare, you have the right to access interpreter services during your stay at no cost to you.


Your mail will be delivered to your room while you are in the hospital. Our volunteer staff makes every effort to forward all mail received after discharge to your listed home address. Some mail may be returned to the sender.

Notary Public

A Notary Public can be made available for patients. Please ask your nurse or case manager.


Cable television programming is available on the TV in your room, which you can operate by remote control. At Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, channels 14 through 21 offer a variety of medical and hospital education programs as well as live chapel broadcasts.


Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital is a smoke-free campus. No smoking is allowed on the premises. Smoking is allowed in designated outside areas at Petaluma Valley Hospital.

Transportation Assistance

Our staff will make every effort to assist you in setting up transportation. Staff has an understanding of your level of care and will advocate for optimal transport services at the lowest cost for each individual.

The cost of transportation depends on many factors: where you are going, what care needs you have, your physician’s orders, transportation regulations, availability of transport when needed, and insurance. Any or all of these factors can affect the final cost to you for transport services. We want you to be aware that Medicare/private insurance may not cover all transportation services, and you may incur financial liability for some of your transportation needs.

Gift Shop and Cart

The hospital gift shop, located in the main lobby, sells a variety of cards, magazines, flowers, candy, toiletries and gifts. At Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital you may purchase items from a gift cart, which is wheeled to patient rooms once a week, or you may order items by dialing 6110. At Petaluma Valley Hospital, you may order items by dialing 2547.

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Gift Shop Hours

Weekdays — 9:30 am to 7:30 pm Weekends — 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Volunteers staff the gift shop; all proceeds benefit Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

Petaluma Valley Hospital Gift Shop Hours

Weekdays – 9am to 4pm
Volunteers staff the gift shop; all proceeds benefit Petaluma Valley Hospital.

Plants and Flowers

For health reasons, flowers and plants may not be received in the Critical Care Department. At Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, a volunteer can help you water your plants and flowers during your stay in other units.

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