Going Home

Discharge Planning

Our case management staff is available to help you prepare for continuing care after your hospital stay. These arrangements may include ordering equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, etc. for your home use, supplying lists of rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities and board and care homes, or arranging details of your transfer home or to another facility. Depending on your needs, case managers may also refer you to the home health liaison nurse.

To reach the case management department, dial the operator. Or you may ask your nurse for the case manager overseeing your discharge.

Checkout Time/Preparing for Discharge

Please plan to check out by 11 am. Your doctor will write your discharge orders on your chart. If you stay in your room after 11 am, additional charges may be necessary. Insurance usually will not cover an extra stay after a patient has been released by the doctor. Please make transportation arrangements prior to discharge, so the transition from hospital to home will be as smooth as possible. Before discharge, your nurse will review with you, your doctor’s instructions about diet, activity, medications and follow-up care.

Subacute Care

Some patients need more care, especially if they have had major surgery, or have a complex medical problem that needs to be watched a little longer. They do not require acute care services, but are not ready to be cared for by their families at home.
These patients may only need a few more days of the skilled care of nurses, or a couple of weeks to start learning new skills for living with the help of physical and occupational therapists. They may need important education about diabetes or dialysis. Sometimes families need to be there, learning information that will be important in the weeks to come, because they will be helping to care for the patient at home. If you need this level of care, your case manager will assist in making the arrangements for subacute care.
The St. Joseph Health – Sonoma County provides subacute services at the Sotoyome Campus of Santa Rosa sites. An Acute Rehabilitation Unit is located at the Fulton Campus.

Home Care

Sometimes patients require home care following their discharge from the hospital. St. Joseph Home Care provides services in your home including case management, medication management, dietary counseling and symptom management. Home care professionals include nurses, therapists, home health aides, social workers and chaplains. If you think you might need home care, please ask your doctor or nurse to contact your case manager early in your hospital stay to arrange for a consultation. If you wish to make the contact yourself, please dial 206-9124, or ask the operator for assistance.

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