Observation Program

The Observation Program is available at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital for people who need professional supervision in a hospital setting, yet do not require admission as an inpatient. Normally this program is for 24 hours, but can be extended in some cases.
As a patient, you or your family member may be admitted to the Observation Program from your doctor’s office, the Emergency Department, Same Day Surgery or a convalescent hospital.

Reasons for supervision under the Observation Program include:

  • Diagnostic work-up performed by a physician
  • Unclear diagnosis and condition warrants further observation
  • Observation required after completion of testing or other procedure, including surgical procedures
  • Physician anticipates patient will respond to treatment in a short time
Hospital charges for the Observation Program are billed as outpatient charges to your insurance company. Often a co-payment is required of you by the insurance company. If Medicare is the insurance, Medicare is billed under Part B and you are responsible for a portion of the charges. The patient portion may be covered by a supplemental insurance. Observation Program patients are charged at an hourly rate.

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