About Your Bill

We are in the process of updating our Online Billing Services to make payments secure and simple to access and use. During this transition, please review your bill carefully. Depending on the type of bill you have, follow the instructions below.

If your bill includes either of these boxed statements:

...please pay your bill online here.

If your bill includes this boxed statement:

...please pay your bill online here.

Our Business Office will be happy to make things easier for you by billing your insurance company. Your bill will automatically be sent to your insurance company if you have provided us with the necessary information. Monthly statements will be mailed to you to keep you apprised of the status of your account or to let you know what the balance is after your insurance company has paid. As the patient, you are the person ultimately responsible for payment of your hospital bill. You may also pay for any services with your MasterCard, Visa or American Express credit card. You can use the card(s) at the time of discharge or when you receive a bill from the hospital.

Some insurance plans require pre-certification prior to admission. Please follow all requirements set forth in your insurance plan and make any arrangements deemed necessary by your insurance company.

You will receive separate billings from the physicians involved in your care and treatment. This includes pathologists, who interpret laboratory test results; anesthesiologists, who administer the anesthesia; and your radiologist, who reads, interprets and forwards results of radiology, nuclear medicine and ultrasound tests to your physician.

After discharge, if you need additional information concerning the
finances of your stay, please contact our Business Office:

Patient Financial Services Department
141 Stony Circle, Suite 140
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

(707) 525-5228

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

St. Joseph Health is committed to serving the entire community and can provide financial assistance for persons in need. If you believe you qualify for financial assistance, please contact the Patient Financial Services Department.

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