Weight Management

There are a number of adverse effects that can go along with failure to maintain a healthy weight for your body type and height, some of which include diabetes, high cholesterol, increased risk of heart attacks, and more. Therefore, at St. Joseph Health, we promote healthy weight management for residents of Sonoma County. Believe it or not, there are balanced ways to attain a healthy weight and these can be maintained over an entire lifetime if the right choices are made from the start. Not only will healthy eating behaviors be positively reflected in your weight, they could also act as real-life ways to manage diabetes, prevent childhood obesity and more.

By taking the time now to learn about healthy lifestyle choices that can be used to help you maintain a healthy weight at a manageable level, you will be setting yourself up for a brighter future. Therefore, you should not hesitate to contact St. Joseph Health to learn more about how you can work proactively on taking control of your weight. One of our professionals can teach you how to make healthy eating choices, including properly measuring your meal and supplementing your diet with the right vitamins and nutrients. For more information about this topic, take some time to read over the articles we have provided to the left on how to maintain healthy weight management.

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