Women's Health

Some health issues are specific to women and St. Joseph Health in Sonoma County has the information you need to know about medical matters particular to the female population. Understanding the gender gap that sometimes plays a role in women and depression as well as learning about gestational diabetes are only some of the topics we cover as we address the medical issues specific to women across the nation. There are some very important things that women can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, getting regular health screenings, and taking measures to relive your stress. Knowing the affects that alcohol can have on your heart could also be used to help prevent unnecessary illness and disease from occurring prematurely, if at all.

We have provided articles such as, "A Prescription for Health in Menopause," in order to provide you with pertinent information about the female aging process and how to cope. In addition, we have included articles with information about staying healthy after breast cancer and exercising for health and longevity. The topics covered in the articles we have provided to the left can be used to help women throughout Sonoma County maintain a healthy lifestyle, no matter what circumstances you may be experiencing at any stage in your life.

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